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Do I Need an SSL Certificate for My Website?

As we all probably know by now, Google Chrome is displaying a ‘Not Secure’ warning in the browser bar of websites without an SSL certificate. Google announced they would be implementing this in July 2018.  Google is also giving a small rankings boost to sites that use SSL. This is leaving many website owners wondering, “Do I need an SSL certificate for my website?” Google has taken the stance that ALL data submitted on your website should be secured with an SSL. What is [...]

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Why Create A Blog For Your Business?

Your Website is great, people visit, look at the information about you, your company and services or products offered. But what is going to keep them coming back? A blog can do this and more; it can also open up a host of other opportunities for you. So why have a a blog on your business Website? Allow me to give you 15 good reasons to why it is a good idea! Attract More Visitors To Your Website A regularly updated [...]

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4 Reasons NOT to Use “info@” as Your General Email Address

Prologue Recently I came across a “strange” problem with one of my clients. They reported that emails from their email address to accounts were not getting to the intended recipient. I ran a couple of email traces and all indications were that the email had a “0” spam rating score (which is excellent!) and that the server showed that the email had been received and excepted; all good. However the recipient did not receive the email and there [...]

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Webvision Launches New Website

Webvision recently updated their own successful Website utilising the latest Web standards. The new Website is a fully responsive Website which means it works on all devices from smart phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s through to large screen monitors. The new Website is a full CMS (Content Management System) and is designed to showcase their work and give potential clients an update on the services offered by Webvision. The new site also has a Newsletter signup form as well as a News section to [...]