4 Compelling Reasons NOT to Use “info@” as Your General Email Address

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4 Compelling Reasons NOT to Use “info@” as Your General Email Address


Recently I came across a “strange” problem with one of my clients. They reported that emails from their info@domainname.com email address to btinternet.com accounts were not getting to the intended recipient. I ran a couple of email traces and all indications were that the email had a “0” spam rating score (which is excellent!) and that the btinternet.com server showed that the email had been received and excepted; all good. However the recipient did not receive the email and there was no error message received. The email just “disappeared” within the email systems of btinternet.com.

As mentioned, the email being sent was from an info@domainname.com account so after trying several things, we created a new email address of tim@domainname.com. We then  sent the exact same email to the same btinternet.com email address and it arrived successfully. An email trace showed the exact same positive response as the info@ email trace we had done previously, the only difference was that the sending address was not info@

The conclusion we derived from this was that btinternet.com email accounts were blocking emails coming from an info@ email address. The worrying bit though was that no error message was received and the sender “assumed” the email had been delivered successfully. This is a major concern to business sending to btinternet.com email accounts.

This prompted me to investigate further and I concluded that using info@ email addresses as sending email addresses is not advisable. As a result of my search I have created an article below with my recommendations:-

4 Compelling Reasons NOT to Use “info@” as Your General Email Address

  1. Opt for a More Personalized Email Address to Enhance Communication
    Using “info@” as your email address might make you seem a bit distant and impersonal. Imagine how the person receiving your email feels when it’s from an address that’s generic and undefined. They might wonder if anyone’s really looking at it or if the person behind it can actually help. So, instead of going with “info@”, go for an email address that’s more personal and friendly. It shows you’re putting your name on the email and taking ownership of the conversation.
  2. Certain Platforms Restrict the Use of “info@” Email Addresses
    Several websites, including platforms like Facebook, impose restrictions on the registration of personal or business pages using email addresses starting with “info@.” The trend towards discouraging role-based email addresses, which lack a direct association with an individual, is growing when creating new email accounts.
  3. An email address beginning with “info@” raises the probability of being flagged as spam.
    As in my experience above with btinternet.com accounts,  using an “info@” email address increases the likelihood of your emails being flagged as spam. Many companies are implementing stringent anti-spam measures, and emails from generic accounts like “info@” may inadvertently be routed to a junk folder or deleted completely. This poses a risk of essential messages going unnoticed, as the sender remains unaware of the filtering.
  4. Brace Yourself for Spam
    Beyond the risk of having your emails flagged as spam, utilizing a generic email address like “info@” makes you a more attractive target for spam. Automated systems employed by spammers frequently target widely used generic addresses due to their higher success rates. Consequently, relying on an “info@” email address may result in an influx of unwanted spam messages.

To Summarise

Choosing an “info@” email address can lead to a negative perception of the sender, increased chances of being treated as spam, and a higher likelihood of receiving unsolicited messages. It is recommended to explore alternative, more personable email addresses. We at Webvision offer easy solutions to our clients to overcome this problem.

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