Why Create A Blog For Your Business?

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Why Create A Blog For Your Business?

Your Website is great, people visit, look at the information about you, your company and services or products offered. But what is going to keep them coming back? A blog can do this and more; it can also open up a host of other opportunities for you. So why have a a blog on your business Website? Allow me to give you 15 good reasons to why it is a good idea!

  1. Attract More Visitors To Your Website

    A regularly updated blog with good quality content means that the same visitor to your Website might visit multiple times to read new and helpful content. It can build loyalty among your audience and make them more likely to recommend or share your information with their friends family and work colleagues

  2. Great For People Finding You By Accident (By Design)

    By having great content and regularly adding new content, search engines will start listing your posts for people searching online for things related to your business. Once they are on your Website reading your blog, you will be able to introduce them to your products and services. So though they arrived reading an interesting post, they accidently (by design) discover more about you and your products/services.

  3. Great For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Google loves content and by creating regular, new and informative content (blog posts) which are related to your business, Google will happily index your pages. These pages are then listed to potential visitors who are looking for information related to your post. This is where the term “Content is King” was coined. The more posts you have the more chance you have of getting your Website in front of your audience!

  4. Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

    When you share information or present people with valuable insights related to your business, readers will recognize your expertise and authority in your field. This in turn will help you gain trust with your audience. Demonstrating knowledge gives people confidence, and a blog is a great way to do that!

  5. Keep Up With Market Developments

    Writing a blog gives you the motivation to continuously develop your knowledge and maintain your position as a leading authority in your field. Researching and writing your article helps you keep abreast of current developments and helps you stay up-to-date with emerging trends, which in turn can inspire you in ways you didn’t even expect.

  6. Gives Your Business The Personal Touch

    People buy from people and writing a blog for your audience helps people identify with you. By writing a blog, you become the face of your company and give your business a personality that people can interact with. People come to understand you and your thoughts and by sharing these with others, you create empathy, generosity and trust.

  7. Build Loyalty In Your Existing Customers

    By providing more insightful content to your customers, you also build trust and loyalty. Thus when a customer decides to buy a newer or more up-to-date product or service, they will invariable go to you first as they see you going the extra mile in providing them with helpful information and advice which is above and beyond what they would normally expect.

  8. Can Help You Capture People’s Email Address

    Providing the quality of your blog posts are good and added regularly, then people may choose to opt in to receive updates via email. It enables them to receive new posts without having to log into your Website every time to check for new content. Once they have subscribed you have a direct channel to these clients and over a period of time and with subtle marketing you can convert them into paying customers.

  9. Build A Network With Other Companies

    By including other companies complimentary products or services to yours in your blog post, you will be able to build business relationships with these companies. People looking for their services may find your Website and see your products and services also. The upside is that these companies you support may also co-promote you as well which can open up new opportunities to work together in the future.

  10. Help Populate You Social Media Channels

    Social Media is another great source of business and using the content from your blog, you can easily update your social media channels. By providing links back to your Website, you can drive traffic from your social media channels back to your Website. Once your blog content is on social it and can be shared and reposted therefore reaching a greater audience.

  11. Inform And Create Demand For Your Products or Services.

    By writing a blog post about new services or products and explaining the benefits, you can increase awareness and create a demand for something that people did not know was available. A blog is a great place to release these new products or services.

  12. Sell Your Product

    Without a blog, there are limited ways in which you can sell your wares, and most cost money! Blog posts offer you a softer more subtle way to sell your products or services without going in for the hard sell. Writing a post about ways to solve a particular problem and giving them all the options available with your product or service being one of the solutions, enables you to introduce the benefits of your product/service whilst trusting the reader to make the right choice. The reader does not feel pressurized, they retain their freedom of choice and feels like you respect them.

  13. Helps Your Business to Compete

    There are many other businesses out there that offer the same services or products you do. It is important to highlight what makes your company unique and stand out above the crowd. Blogging helps to show your personality, information and expertise that will distinguish your business from your competitors

  14. Provides A Channel Of Communication With Your Customers

    A business blog creates opportunities for two-way interaction with your audience. By presenting your content in a more casual and personal way, you can actually have conversations with your readers in the comments section. Ideas can be exchanged, you can get to know your readers’ points of view, and your readers get a chance to be heard.

  15. A Blog Is A Good Return On Investment

    Blogs are very simple to use and are relatively low-cost. The most significant investment a blog requires is time, but the rewards can be high and can generate a great return on that effort. According to research by HubSpot:-

    • Marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not.
    • Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.
    • Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.
    • Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

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