Do I Need an SSL Certificate for My Website?

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Do I Need an SSL Certificate for My Website?

As we all probably know by now, Google Chrome is displaying a ‘Not Secure’ warning in the browser bar of websites without an SSL certificate. Google announced they would be implementing this in July 2018.  Google is also giving a small rankings boost to sites that use SSL.

This is leaving many website owners wondering, “Do I need an SSL certificate for my website?”

Google has taken the stance that ALL data submitted on your website should be secured with an SSL.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” and is a way to encrypt data a user inputs into your websites so that it can securely travel from their browser to your web server. You can easily find whether your website has an SSL certificate by whether the URL of the site starts with HTTP or HTTPS. If it’s loaded in your browser with HTTPS at the start, then you have an SSL on your website.

Protect your online reputation with an SSL

SSL certificates tell your customers ‘You can trust us’ and builds credibility with your audience

SSL is the future of the web.  Google is pushing SSL hard, and wants all websites to eventually be served over https. What that means is that SSL is a matter of when, not if.

Standard Domain SSL Certificates

A Standard Certificate will give a single domain of your choosing full protection to keep your website secure while remaining cost-effective.
For example, a Standard SSL would cover your website address: and

Ideal for bloggers and small to medium Websites – gives you all the basics at an affordable price.

Webvision offer a range of SSL certificates starting as low as
€ 65/yr

Everything to keep visitors secure and protected

Secure encryption

Keep data safe. Our SSL certificates come with high (128-256 bit) encryption that ensures transactions and all sensitive information is secure.

Fast issuance

Get secured quickly. An SSL Certificate is typically approved in 4 days or less, with some plans approved in just 10 minutes!

Easy installation

Be up and running in no time. Webvision hosted accounts can be up and running same day!

Padlock and site seal

Show customers they’re protected. A padlock in the browser bar proves your SSL is in place and tells customers their information is safe.

Secure all versions of your site

Our SSL Certificates secure both www. and non-www. versions of your site; no need to buy a separate one for each.

Total browser compatibility

Everyone is covered. Certificates are compatible with all major browsers, including those on mobile devices.

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